Meeting your dietary needs

Food is essential to everyone's well-being and at John Taylor Hospice our team of chefs and catering assistant will do all they can to provide the very best meals.

Enjoy a hearty meal at the hospice

Our team of chefs ensure hearty and healthy meals are available on demand in our hospice.

The team creates a daily menu and will also meet all the people we are caring for in our In-Patient Unit to find out their dietary needs and preferences.

CakeThis way they can provide ‘Taylor-made’ meals which are of high quality, rich in taste and always popular with people we care for.

The team also provides daily lunches for our Living Well Centre and staff. Meals are also available for families and visitors - simply ask for information at reception.

For more on our chefs click here.

If you can’t find the information you are looking for on our website please email us or call 0121 465 2000