Occupational therapists

Our occupational therapists are skilled in helping people achieve the best possible level of independence and regain confidence to carry out activities they want and need to do.

OT Faye & Angela

Our fully trained staff assess your needs and will provide or recommend practical equipment and environmental adaptations at home. Equipment can include bathing aids such as bath lifts and shower stools to aid personal care or kitchen gadgets for everyday routines. Adaptations can include additional rails, ramps and stair lifts.

We are there to support you and teach different ways of managing activities. We will help you to adjust the way that you do things so that you can keep doing what you want to and can do.

Dave was over six foot tall and he quickly lost a lot of his muscle power so he was finding a lot of things really difficult. Just getting the right equipment to help him made all the difference.

 Sue Nation

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