Support for you and your family

Patient and family support worker Angie Donovan is on hand to provide help and advice to people who come to us for care and their families.

Angie Donovan

Facing end of life can bring to the fore a range of other concerns and worries such as income, benefits and the financial future for your family.

This may mean making a commitment in marriage to partnership, leaving a legacy of love for your children, keeping a roof over your head and what it means to plan a funeral.

Angie can help with a range of issues including finances, benefits, housing, wills and even weddings. She says:

Whatever health needs people have, there are always social circumstances as well. Patient and family support is all part of our holistic approach at John Taylor Hospice. It means we can provide a balance of both health and social care.

Angie supports people we care for in the community and in the hospice with a range of issues.

“A person’s level of function can change as their condition progresses and it may mean that they need adaptations to their home or may need to move to somewhere on the ground floor,” says Angie.

“Or it could be that some people have not written a will and now want to do so and we can help them with organising that.”

And sometimes those needs can be something quite special. Angie has helped to arrange a number of events and is becoming a dab hand at wedding planning.

“We have helped with a few weddings,” she says. “Last summer, together with some colleagues, we were able to make one patient and his family’s dream come true by organising a summer wedding for them. The family are now left with security because of the wedding – and some happy memories.”

Whatever the support required – it is meeting the individual needs of people and their families that counts.

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