Gather your A-Team and put your detective skills to the test!

John Taylor Hospice has teamed up with Escape Live in Birmingham to introduce two exciting virtual games.

Online players can choose to put their detective skills to the test in Sherlock The Grand Debut, or support M15 to track down a thief in Rogue Agent. With each game played, a donation will be made to the hospice charity.

“Understandably fundraising has taken a hit through the pandemic and we are constantly looking at fun, new ways to engage the local business community,” said hospice Corporate Fundraising Manager Natalia Keene.

“Fundraising is difficult when you aren’t in the office or able to participate in events, so we’ve adapted to this new digital environment and embraced the rise of virtual events. We’re delighted to be working in partnership with award-winning Escape Live and we’re so grateful for their support raising much-needed funds for our vital hospice services.”

Kim Thorpe, Partnerships Manager at Escape Live, said: “I am so pleased that here at Escape Live we are able to help John Taylor Hospice with their fundraising. The digital world has been a lifeline to so many during these unprecedented times and being able to offer a solution is so rewarding for all of us. We are looking forward to this partnership and continue to be on hand to offer any support when needed.”

Natalia added: “So, if you’re looking for your next socially distanced team-building activity, social or breakout session, the virtual escape rooms are perfect. Gather your A-Team to help solve the clues and complete the mission or challenge a rival team in the company to be crowned the champions and earn bragging rights! However you choose to play, you will be supporting the hospice and making a difference.”

Rogue Agent

A Rogue Agent has been stealing art and sculptures from across the globe. MI5 is onto him though and as the newest recruits to the agency, it falls on you to uncover the identity of the Rogue Agent, collate the evidence against him and advise the agency of his whereabouts. To take part, visit

Sherlock The Grand Debut

The date is 1921, you are an 18-year-old Sherlock Holmes embarking on your maiden investigation – the murder of Lord Harrington in Chapelgate Manor. Take on a challenge of wits with your friends, family and colleagues and solve one of Sherlock’s mysteries. To play, visit

For each game you play a portion of the proceeds is donated to John Taylor Hospice, helping them to continue providing vital care. 

For more information contact Natalia Keene, Corporate Fundraising Manager at John Taylor Hospice at

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What our patients think

“The care was second to none”

“At such a heartbreaking and difficult time, the nurses and care assistants knew exactly what to do and to say – we’d have been lost without them. The care they provided for my beautiful wife was second to none and I’ll be forever grateful.”

Roger Perks

“Nothing is too much trouble”

“I can’t thank hospice teams enough. From fitting grab rails in my house and ordering a reclining bed, reviewing of all my medication, providing me with new medical equipment and even helping to organise domestic help for us at home – they’ve covered everything but are always willing to do even more.”

Jackie Bannister

“I don’t know where I’d be without them”

“The support I get is truly is invaluable and I honestly don’t know where I’d be without them. I’m able to talk openly about my illness and ask for advice and support if I need it. I’ve made some incredible friends and the hospice is a very special place full of laughter and kindness. “

Liz Warren

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