Meet the team

Wellbeing services are open to everyone receiving care from John Taylor Hospice. If you are our patient, you can be assured that we will be there for your family too.

Our team of counsellors, art therapist, spiritual care coordinator and trained bereavement support volunteers have a wide range of experience and backgrounds. They will be there to listen to your feelings, worries or whatever might be on your mind. The team can also provide counselling in different languages including Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi. Please contact 0121 809 1900 for more information or email 

Surjit Heer, Wellbeing Team Leader

My name is Surjit Heer I am a part of the Wellbeing Team. I have been counselling for over 19 years and I really find helping people to help themselves very rewarding. For me and the team it’s not a job, it’s a way of life.

We’re a very supportive team who all work hard to keep up our high standards. I value diversity and feel that providing counselling in Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu is a special opportunity to fill the gaps that so many counselling services have.

Outside of work I’m a married dad of two and I enjoy watching football, TV and travelling.

Christina Stephenson, Counsellor

Hello, my name is Chris. I’ve been part of the Wellbeing Team at John Taylor Hospice for over six years. 

I am a counsellor, supervisor and former social worker. I am passionate about empowering others and letting them know they are not alone. I currently work as a counsellor with adults, young people and children in facing serious illness, loss and coping with bereavement. 

I provide a compassionate, caring, confidential space and relationship in which we explore creatively (it’s not just talking therapy) what is needed. Together we work towards improved management of the identified difficulties, building on coping strategies, developing awareness and enhancing resilience. 

I have witnessed so much growth, so much hope, in the midst of suffering, pain and despair. I am privileged to do the work I do. 

Lynne Walsh, Counsellor

Hello, I’m Lynne and I am a qualified counsellor in the Wellbeing Team.

I can support you in your experience of grief and loss; of stress and distress. You may be a patient, a carer, adult or young person. You may be anticipating the loss of someone close or struggling with bereavement. Other issues including previous losses, tensions in relationships and difficulty in coping might be troubling you.

I provide a calm, safe space for you… talking through issues can help with the challenges and adjustments you may be facing. I will work with you (whether by talking, or other creative means) to enable you to express and to develop helpful strategies to find a way forward in meeting your goals and building self-care.

Counselling time offers a unique relationship of trust and respect. Having time to talk can help to find a way through the most difficult of times – whatever your issue – and I am happy to meet with you.

Caron Smith, Art Therapist

My name is Caron and I’m an art therapist in the hospice Wellbeing Team.  I have worked at the hospice for over five years now, offering a confidential space to talk and explore the many mediums of art-drawing, painting, collage, or simply colouring to reflect on thoughts and feelings in a helpful and supportive way. This can help you improve your self-awareness, reduce anxiety levels and gain a greater sense of connection.

I offer a gentle, compassionate approach to art therapy as I believe that art is a healing, alternative expression that allows you to witness yourself, your relationship to others and the world around you. Being good at art is not required, this belief comes from my own personal experience with art making.

Jayne Fidgeon, Clinical Supervisor

Hi I’m Jayne, clinical supervisor and counsellor at John Taylor Hospice. I have worked in the hospice environment for over 30 years and in various roles; initially as a specialist nurse, then counsellor, and in the last few years I’ve taken on the role of looking after the mental wellbeing of the hospice staff as a clinical supervisor.

I started working as a young nurse in the 80s and this is where my love of working with people and families living with a life limiting condition was born. I was lucky to return several years later as a bereavement coordinator and now as a clinical supervisor and counsellor.

I have always had an interest in the psychological aspects of hospice work for users of our service, clients, the families, local communities and the employers. I’m in awe of people’s resilience in such circumstances. It’s a great privilege that I’m able to work with people of all ages, often when they are at their most vulnerable, to help them find a place of calm – even if it’s for the hour of the session.

I feel everyone has to ability to grow and develop as a person, wherever they are in their life’s journey.

Awen Clement, Spiritual Care Co-ordinator

Hello, my name is Awen and I am an interfaith spiritual care practitioner, what was once called the chaplain.

My role at John Taylor is to support patients and their families with their spiritual and religious needs whilst in our care. I spend time talking with and listening to patients, staying connected with our local network of priests and faith leaders, and taking time throughout the year to honour special days and religious festivals that matter to our community. I feel really privileged to support people on their journeys and to hear their stories. 

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