Staff are award winners

John Taylor Hospice staff were thanked and recognised at the charity’s annual AGM and awards ceremony.

Taking place virtually because of COVID-19 restrictions, the Above and Beyond Awards were announced by CEO Penny Venables and staff will receive their awards and certificates over the coming days.

Staff can nominate their colleagues for five awards, four based on the charity values of Care for All, See the Person, Be Right First Time and Simplify the Complex, and an award for Outstanding Fundraiser.

There is also a Patient/Supporter Choice Award in which patients, families and other hospice supporters can nominate John Taylor Hospice staff.

This year has seen colleagues across the organisation rise to the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19 – an achievement which all staff received thanks for.

“The last few months have been a really difficult time and I personally wanted to thank each and every member of the team for the hard work they have put into ensuring John Taylor Hospice has continued to be there for local families,” said Penny.

“Despite all the difficulties, our staff have actually stepped up their support for our patients. In some cases this has been through large projects such as the launch of the combined Hospices of Birmingham and Solihull service and sometimes it has been in a much quieter way such as cooking a patient’s favourite cake and delivering it or creating a relaxation film.

“Every staff member’s commitment to helping John Taylor Hospice remain flexible, responsive and caring through COVID-19 has ensured we are continuing to make every moment matter for people every day.

“I would also like to say congratulations to all of our award winners, runners-up and nominees of this year’s Above and Beyond Awards. It has been a very competitive year so well done everyone.”

The winner of the See the Person Award is Clinical Nurse Specialist Maggie Horsley with Clinical Nurse Specialist Louise Buckland as runner-up.

The winner of the Care for All Award is the Housekeeping and Facilities Team with the Hospice at Home Team as runner up.

The winner of the Be Right First Time Award is Medicines Management Lead Lisa Wall-Hayes with the runner-up being IPU Sister Katie Roberts.

The winner of the Simplify the Complex Award is the IT team with the runner-up being Jan Hipkiss and Katie McGurk of the Personal Health Budget Team.

The winner of the Outstanding Fundraiser Award is PA to the CEO and Board Kate Ellis with the runner-up being the Living Well Centre Team.

The winner of the Patient/Supporter Award is the Wellbeing Team with the runner-up being Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist Vis Ramasamy.

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What our patients think

“The care was second to none”

“At such a heartbreaking and difficult time, the nurses and care assistants knew exactly what to do and to say – we’d have been lost without them. The care they provided for my beautiful wife was second to none and I’ll be forever grateful.”

Roger Perks

“Nothing is too much trouble”

“I can’t thank hospice teams enough. From fitting grab rails in my house and ordering a reclining bed, reviewing of all my medication, providing me with new medical equipment and even helping to organise domestic help for us at home – they’ve covered everything but are always willing to do even more.”

Jackie Bannister

“I don’t know where I’d be without them”

“The support I get is truly is invaluable and I honestly don’t know where I’d be without them. I’m able to talk openly about my illness and ask for advice and support if I need it. I’ve made some incredible friends and the hospice is a very special place full of laughter and kindness. “

Liz Warren

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