Chris’ story

Chris Spreckley is one of a team of volunteers helping out in the hospice’s Living Well Centre.

Chris joined the hospice in June 2017 at the of 69 following his retirement from Queen Elizabeth Hospital where he spent eight years as a Ward Housekeeper in the Oncology Department.

“Many people think of Ward Housekeeping as a domestic role but it’s not,” explains Chris, who lives in Pype Hayes with his wife Diane. “You’re there to support the medical staff, helping to ensure the ward runs smoothly, so they can concentrate on their clinical work. You also get to spend time with patients and their family members which I really enjoyed.

“I retired from the QE in March 2017 and three months later I was bored! I knew of John Taylor as it’s my local hospice. I called up and asked for some literature about what volunteering roles were on offer and saw one that seemed like the best fit for me.”

That role is volunteer host in the Living Well Centre where Chris is on hand each week to make drinks, have a chat and support the staff. And it’s a role he has come to love.

“I enjoy giving things to others,” says Chris. “I’ve always had a bit of a wicked sense of humour and everyone’s picked up on that – they throw it back at me and it’s lovely!

“I love working with people and giving them happiness. Being here to help staff, patients and their relatives gives me great enjoyment.”

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