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The purpose of this website is to provide users with information about John Taylor Hospice's services and associated fundraising activities.

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Certain links in this website connect to other websites maintained by third parties. John Taylor Hospice has no control over these websites or the information, goods or services provided by such third parties. John Taylor Hospice shall have no liability for any use or reliance of a user on these third party websites.

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Fundraising Terms and Conditions

My responsibilities:

  • I agree to organise fundraising activities as an independent supporter of John Taylor Hospice.
  • I agree that any costs or risks that arise out of my fundraising activities are my responsibility, including liabilities for injury or loss which may occur to me, my helpers or guests.
  • I am aware that John Taylor Hospice’s insurance policy will not cover my fundraising activities.
  • I will not do anything that threatens John Taylor Hospice’s reputation or name.
  • If I do, John Taylor Hospice has the right to ask me to cease fundraising on their behalf.
  • I agree to pay all proceeds of any fundraising event John Taylor Hospice within an agreed timescale and will not deduct any costs unless agreed in writing with John Taylor Hospice.
  • I agree to use only John Taylor Hospice’s branded materials and the John Taylor Hospice name and correct logo for my fundraising activities.  I agree to use these in accordance with John Taylor Hospice’s brand guidelines.
  • I consent that photographs taken during my fundraising activity may be used to publicise the work of John Taylor Hospice generally.

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